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The LIFEPAC Curriculum provides a high-quality Christian education in a user-friendly format and has been used by over 75,000 Christian home school families.
It is a Bible-based LIFEPAC Curriculum comprising five core subjects, namely Bible, Math, Language Arts, Science and History & Geography. Electives such as Spanish, Accounting and British/American Literature are also offered.Students are consistently challenged to both spiritual and academic growth. The development of higher-level reasoning skills is a primary distinction of the LIFEPAC Curriculum. It covers an equivalent study program from Grade One to Grade Twelve in a conventional school.

LIFEPACS full-color, work-text curriculum is based on the principles of mastery learning, in which students truly master the context and skills of one unit before progressing to the next. Different students learn at different speeds, so mastery learning ensures success by allowing each student to move at his or her own speed. An 80% pass mark is required in each unit of study before a student is permitted to proceed to the next LIFEPAC. The degree of mastery of the content in each LIFEPAC is ensured through a written test, oral and projects.

Many specific LIFEPAC Curriculum activities and questions require students to go beyond simple objective recall, asking them instead to think analytically draw conclusions that require a conceptual understanding of the material. More than just recalling facts, your student will grasp concepts through analytical and evaluative thinking skills.

Switched-On Schoolhouse is a comprehensive, Bible-based curriculum that offers computer-based learning for grades 3-12. With 3-D animation, video clips, and other exciting multimedia, Switched-On Schoolhouse is the perfect Christian curriculum for today's students.
Unlike traditional textbook curriculums, Switched-On Schoolhouse curriculum has a diverse, vibrant mix of entertaining lessons filled with enriching, interactive content! Fun-filled lessons are created to captivate students' attention and engage them in learning.

Grace Homeschooling Resource Centre Transcripts for Grade 11 or 12 have been accepted as entry qualifications in the following local and foreign colleges and universities:

· University College Sedaya International
· Taylor’s University College
· HELP University College
· KDU College
· Monash University Malaysia
· Sunway University College
· International College of Music (Malaysia)
· Yamaha Academy of Arts & Music
· University of Wolverhampton, UK
· University of Melbourne, Australia
· Bond University, Australia
· Christian University of Texas, Abilene, USA
· Azusa Pacific University, California, USA


Is Grace Homeschooling Resource Centre a school?
No, it is a resource centre to support parents in Christian home education.

Are there teachers in Grace Homeschooling resource centre?
There are no teachers in the resource centre. The resource centre will assist/supervise the children in their individualised learning.

Is homeschooling recognised by the Malaysian government?
Yes, homeschooling is recognised by the Malaysian government. The Association of Homeschooling was formed in 2004 to represent homeschoolers in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Is the Alpha Omega Curriculum recognised by the Malaysian government?
The Alpha and Omega Christian Home Education (A.O.P.) is not a Malaysian accredited educational institution. However, the A.O.P. transcript together with SAT score is recognised by most private local and foreign colleges and universities.

Can we provide Christian home education to our children if both parents are working?
Parents are mandated by God to train their children and the responsibility of doing so rests on the fathers. The resource centre has a learning area open to children from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday to Friday.

Do we need a university degree to Christian home educate our children?
The A.O.P. curriculum is designed for parents without formal education to home educate their children. The resource centre provides additional support, training and facilities to assist parents.

Apart from English, what other languages are used in the centre?
The usage of the National Language is encouraged in the resource centre.

Why the Christian Resource Centre?

Parents are mandated by God to educate their children. Children are gifts from God (Psalm 127: 3-5). Parents are responsibly to “train up” their children in the way of the Lord and not in the ways of the world (Proverbs 22:6; Ephesians 6:4). God’s people are told, “Thus saith the Lord, learn not the way of the heathen… For the customs of the people are vain. (Jeremiah 10: 2-3). Proverbs 19:27 states, “Cease, my son, to hear the instruction that causeth to err from the words of knowledge”. It is obvious that God has been very careful to instruct and warn parents as to the type of education a child is to receive.
In God’s economy of things, He has ordained three basic institutions: the family, the Church, and the State. The creation of a Christian Resource Centre under the direction of the Church serves as an extension of the home in assisting the parents in fulfilling their Christian responsibility to “train up” their children.

Philosophy of Christian Education

The Grace Homeschooling Resource Centre starts with the premise that the only true education is a Christian education. This premise is based on the fact that only Christian education deals with all the dimensions of life as viewed from a Biblical perspective.
Reality. God is the personal purposeful Creator and represents the guiding force of the universe. Reality in life involves the understanding that God is real and is active in the lives of men and women today.
Truth. All truth is God’s truth. Truth is consistent throughout the universe. Truth exists and is an absolute. God has shown Himself through His Scriptures and man’s understanding of truth comes through a study of the inspired Word of God and an understanding of His creation.
Knowledge. All knowledge must be put in the context of Bible truth. Any knowledge or personal conviction that serves as a guiding principle in an individual’s life must be based on truth as revealed in God’s inspired Word.
Man. Man is created in the spiritual and moral image, or likeness, of God. Man’s essential nature is his freedom to choose or decide for himself what his behavior will be and what he will think, become and do. Man’s essential freedom of choice is affected by his inherent nature and his environment of both good and evil. Therefore, he is in need of special help to choose good and to find fulfillment in a reconciled life made possible by Jesus Christ, the divine Son of God.

Christian Education.

In order for an educational program to be academically sound and instructionally effective, it must be founded upon Christian educational principles that recognize the true nature of God, of truth, of knowledge, and of man.
Implicit in Christian education are these basic truths:

1. Man does posses a spiritual dimension
(Genesis 1: 26-27).

2. Education involves the total being – spiritual, intellectual, physical, and social (Proverbs 9:9).

3. Each person possesses unique individual potential, traits, and needs (Romans 12:3-8).

4. The educational experience must involve (as a primary emphasis) the development of Christian beliefs, attitudes, and skills toward zealous application.

5. An integration of Bible truth will be an inseparable and primary part of the total educational process. Christian concepts will be unified with, inseparable from, and central to the academic offerings.

6. Youth needs a steady influence while preparing to live in a complex society. Only the Bible has the answers to man’s needs and longings, and therefore, will serve as our final authority on all question.