Monday, November 24, 2008

Grace Homeschooling Resource Centre Transcripts for Grade 11 or 12 have been accepted as entry qualifications in the following local and foreign colleges and universities:

· University College Sedaya International
· Taylor’s University College
· HELP University College
· KDU College
· Monash University Malaysia
· Sunway University College
· International College of Music (Malaysia)
· Yamaha Academy of Arts & Music
· University of Wolverhampton, UK
· University of Melbourne, Australia
· Bond University, Australia
· Christian University of Texas, Abilene, USA
· Azusa Pacific University, California, USA


Jo Lok said...

Just want to check with u ,is Bahasa Malaysia compulsory prerequisite for entry into private colleges in Malaysia for home schoolers?Jo

Gina Phan, VTSB said...

This list is dated 2008.
Can you update this list?